WWFC 14: McGregor's Friends had a triumphant performance in Kiev
06 March 2019

WWFC 14: McGregor's Friends had a triumphant performance in Kiev

On Saturday, March 2, the WWFC-14 international professional tournament in mixed martial arts took place in the Kiev Palace of Sports, featuring 10 bouts, 3 of which were for the WWFC World Champion Title

Blaine O'Driscoll - Teymur Ragimov

The main event of the tournament was the first defense of the champion belt in the lightweight category by the Ukrainian champion - Teimour Ragimov against the Irishman Blaine O'Driscoll, a friend and sparring partner of the legendary Conor McGregor. In the first round, Ragimov succeeded in getting the Irish with the hook in the head that sent Blaine into a knockdown. Soon, however, O’Driskall managed to change the course of the bout in his favor in the face off on the ground. Gradually exhausting and smashing Teimour, in the third round the Irishman held a decisive suffocating hold from behind and became the new WWFC world champion in weight up to 57 kg.

Magdalena Sormova - Eva Duarte

The champion in the minimum weight category - Magdalena Sormova from the Czech Republic also had a first defending bout. She stood against a Frenchwoman - Eva Duarte. Unlike the Ukrainian colleague, Magdalena coped with her task successfully. From time to time, she managed to move the fght to the ground and possess the advantage on the surface, making numerous attempts at painful and suffocating holds. The bout lasted the entire 5-round distance, and the opinions of the judges eventually split in favor of Sormova: 48-47, 48-45 Magdalena and 48-47 contender.

Mikhail Odintsov - Paata Chapelia

In the first title match of the tournament, a representative of the Academy MMA Belarus team, Mikhail Odintsov and Paata Chapelia from Germany, defined the new WWFC world champion in lightweight. "Dancer" from Minsk from the first minute seized the advantage. He put his rival down with a spectacular sweep, followed by a pair of colorful amplitude shots and a series of back hits. In the second round, Paata showed himself with an attempt to stifle and throw a Belarusian on the ground. However, in general, Michael continued to fight, beat the opponent in the rack. The outcome became obvious in the third round: Odintsov first performed the “guillotine”, after which he went to his feet and turned his opponent down, and there he won the position and began to perform strikes in the head until the referee stopped the bout.

Svetlana Gotsik - Edna Oliveira

The second victory in a row after losing the champion title in the minimum weight had been gained by the Ukrainian "Phoenix Bird" Svetlana Gotsik. Her opponent from Brazil, Edna Oliveira, tried to start off the bat, actively working in the attack. However, Gotsik perfectly saw all her sweeping attempts, maintaining a safe distance. Just when the action came to the ground, as Oliveira had to capitulate – Svetlana perfectly seized the moment and took her rival's hand to the elbow arm. The winner has a rematch with Sormova ahead.

Kirill Gorobets - Hasan Azizov

In the nearest future, Kirill Gorobets, a 25-year-old Sumy resident, will fight for the title. In his bright style he has won the challenging lightweight title fight against Azerbaijani Hasan Azizov. The outcome of the bout became clear already in the first round, after Gorobets, being with an opponent on the ground, successfully conducted a rare painful hold with the exotic name “banana split” - stretching on the groin.

Nikolai Grozdev - Edward Lazarevich

Half-lightweight Nikolai Grozdev, another representative of Conor McGregor's team from SGB Ireland, made his debut in professional MMA. However it turned out to be not as easy for him as he himself had promised before the fight with the Belarusian Eduard Lazarevich. The tense battle took place with both rivals’ success in the stand. Only in the final – third - round Grozdev managed to tip the scales in his favor. Dominating in the stalls, Nikolai twice tried to hold a strangler from behind, but his attempts were not successful. The painful hold over the exhausted enemy was a success - Lazarevich surrendered after the elbow lever.

Results of all WWFC 14 bouts:

Main card
Blaine O'Driscoll (6-2; Ireland) - SBM 3 (suffocating hold) - Teymur Rahimov (7-1; Ukraine)
Magdalena Sormova (6-1, Czech Republic) - SD 5 (separate decision of the judges) - Eva Duarte (4-1; France)
Mikhail Odintsov (12-2; Belarus) - TKO 3 (technical knockout) - Paata Chapelia (8-4, Georgia)

Prelimenary Card
Svetlana Gotsik (11-4; Ukraine) - SBM 1 (painful hold) - Edna Oliveira (7-4; Brazil)
Kirill Gorobets (7-1; Ukraine) - SBM 1 (painful hold) - Hasan Azizov (4-2; Azerbaijan)

Early prelims
Nikolai Grozdev (0-0; Ireland) - SBM 3 (painful hold) - Eduard Lazarevich (3-0; Belarus)
Artem Misak (4-1; Ukraine) - SBM 1 - Ivan Dzyabenko (6-1; Ukraine)
Stanislav Khmilkovsky

02 March 2019
Anatoliy Zhurakivskiy vs Arman Esayan
Palace of Sports, Kiev
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