WWFC 12: Spivak's triumph, Gotsyk's comeback and two new champions
09 October 2018

WWFC 12: Spivak's triumph, Gotsyk's comeback and two new champions

On  September 29th Kyiv Sports Palace hosted a large-scale international tournament in mixed martial arts WWFC 12, which pleased filled tribunes by 14 excellent bouts, including three ones for the prestigious title of world champion under the version of WWFC.

In the main event of the tournament world champion WWFC heavyweight Sergey "the Polar Bear" Spivak for the second time defended the title belonging to him and did it again in the starting five. Experienced American Tony Lopez, who acted as Challenger for the League title, had tried to thrash Sergey hurriedly, after several sharp attacks, but the Ukrainian remained vigilant and calmly waited for the danger. At the same time, Spivak gradually built momentum and gave Lopez more and more trouble. At first Sergey was marked by a protracted series, pushing the opponent to the cage, then a very great job at close range, smashing American by elbows and knees to the head. Spivak also noted a couple of takedowns, and after the second of them, Tony was forced to lay down his arms. Sergey took up an advantageous position and skillfully performed necked choke of the Challenger, causing knock in a sign of surrender.

In co-main fight a favourite of Kiev public fr om Moldova Mikhai Kotrutse won the vacant title of world champion WWFC in Welterweight and quickly finished with a Albanian Arber Murati. Kotrutse quickly realized that the opponent is not going to delay and is focused on a desperate showdown in stand-up, and therefore decided to correctly translate the fight to the canvas where Arber represented much less risk. When Mikhai took a dominant position on the ground, Murati tried to apply the leglock, but that only angered the Moldovan. Kotrutse expertly wielded in the attack at the cage, and first shook the Albanian with several blows a knee in the head, and then immediately added a powerful side with both hands. Arber sank on the canvas and the referee immediately stopped the fight, registering an early victory of the new champion Kotrutse.

Another vacant championship title WWFC was contested in the Flyweight division, wh ere a 5-round Thriller rolled Ukrainians Teymur Rahimov and Alexander Barabash. The opposition of styles has resulted in a vivid confrontation with an abundance of memorable episodes. Rahimov made a bet on aggression, Barabash tried to work from the opponent on the counterattack. Both fighters had successful moments, but Seymour still looked more convincing. He managed to shake Alexander, including ta few knockdowns, while Barabash was gaining points by counter-strikes or infrequent takedowns. Superiority of Rahimov was growing from round to round, and in the end in the final five minutes of Teymur got his way, first dropping and then finishing off the opponent on the ground.

The main part was opened by the show of return of "Bird Phoenix" Svetlana Gotsyk after losing the championship title in June this year. Determined to regain lost, she left no chance to her opponent from Uzbekistan Umutkan Aitieva, inflicting the first defeat of professional career. Svetlana did not force the events, but the superiority in class was not slow in coming. Having considered Umutkan, Gotsyk played a trick with her on and knocked out by a left hook to the head.

The results of all the fights WWFC 12:

Andrey Korolev (7-9; Ukraine) —  MD 3  (on points by majority votes of the judges) — Andrey Sapa (1-3; Ukraine)

Artem Matiash (profdebut; Ukraine) — D 3 (draw)— Alexander Udovico (3-4; Ukraine)

Ruslan Mammadov (2-4; Azerbaijan) —  ТКО 2 (technical knockout) Bogdan Kudelya (4-1; Ukraine)

Alexander Pisanko (4-4; Ukraine) —  КО 1  (knockout) — Mohammad Ben Yahya (2-3; Morocco)

Alexey Zayats (4-1; Ukraine) ТКО 1 (technical knockout) — Denis Chalenko (1-3)

Maxim Sergeev (9-10; Ukraine)  ТКО 2  (technical knockout) — Aidar Abdulrahman (2-1; Afghanistan)

Kirill Gorobets (6-1; Ukraine)  ТКО 1  (technical knockout) - Ivan Vulcan (4-2; Ukraine)

Denis Bondar (5-1; Ukraine) —  SBM 3 (rear naked choke) — Ivan Andrushchenko (12-8; Moldova)

Vugar Keramov (11-3; Azerbaijan) —  ТКО 2  (technical knockout) — Rinat Sayakbaev (10-3; Kyrgyzstan)

Vadim Kutsyy (11-1; Belarus) — ТКО 1  (technical knockout) — Vyacheslav Bogomol (10-5; Ukraine)

Svetlana Gotsyk (10-4; Ukraine) — КО 1   (knockout) — Umutkan Aitieva (2-0; Uzbekistan)

Teymur Rahimov (6-1; Ukraine) — ТКО 5  (technical knockout) — Alexander Barabash (8-1; Ukraine)
The fight for the vacant title of world champion WWFC in weight to 57 kg

Mikhai Kotrutse (10-1; Moldova) —  ТКО 1  (technical knockout) — Arber Murati (10-5; Albania)
The fight for the vacant world title WWFC in weight to 77 kg

Sergey Spivak (8-0; Ukraine) —  SBM 1  (submission) — Tony Lopez (60-28; USA)
The fight for the world title WWFC in weight over 93 kg
29 September 2018
Sergiy Spivak vs Tony Lopez
Palace of Sports, Kiev
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