09 October 2018

The participants of WWFC 12 participated in the ceremony of weighing

On September 28th in the SEC "Gulliver" was held the official procedure of weighing of participants of large-scale international tournament in mixed martial arts WWFC 12, which will be held on September 29th in Kyiv Sports Palace.
The main event of the upcoming tournament will be a match of world champion under version WWFC in heavyweight Sergei "the Polar Bear" Spivak, who will hold a second title defense against experienced American Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez.
Before that the new owners of the vacant titles of WWFC champions in  Welterweight and Flyweight categories will be decided: in weight to 77 kg Mikhai Kotrutse from  Moldova will fight against Albanian  Arber Murati, and the Ukrainians Oleksandr Barabash and Teymur Rahimov will find out the relationship in weight to 57 kg.
In addition, at the tournament there will be a return to the former Ukrainian champion WWFC Svetlana "Phoenix" Gotsyk, a rival of which will be the athlete from Uzbekistan Umutkan Aitieva.

The results of weighing of participants of the WWFC 12

Andrey Korolev (64,5 kg) vs Andrey Sapa (64,9 kg)

Artem Matiash (76,9 kg) vs Alexander Udovico (76,6 kg

Bogdan Kudelya (60.6 kg) vs Ruslan Mammadov (61.3 kg)

Alexander Pisanko (91 kg) vs Mohammad Ben Yahya (93 kg)

Alexey Zayats (65,9 kg) vs Vitaly Baryshnikov (65,8 kg)

Maxim Sergeev (79,6 kg) vs Aidar Abdulrahman (79,8 kg)

Kirill Gorobets (70 kg) vs Ivan Vulchin (70 kg)

Denis Bondar (60,9 kg) vs Ivan Andrushchenko (60.8 kg)

Vugar Keramov (66,3 kg) vs Rinat Sayakbaev (68,2 kg)

Vyacheslav Bogomol (77,2 kg) vs Vadim Kutsyy (77 kg)

Svetlana Gotsyk (52,2 kg) vs Umutkan Aitieva (53.8 kg)

Teymur Rahimov (56,8 kg) vs Alexander Barabash (56,9 kg)
The fight for the title of world champion WWFC in weight to 57 kg

Mikhai Kotrutse (77,2 kg) vs Arber Murati (77,2 kg)
The fight for the world champion title WWFC in weight to 77 kg

Sergey Spivak (109,3 kg) vs Tony Lopez (105.8 lbs)
The fight for the world champion title WWFC in weight over 93 kg
29 September 2018
Sergiy Spivak vs Tony Lopez
Palace of Sports, Kiev
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