The WWFC League presented the MMA development strategy in Ukraine
06 October 2019

The WWFC League presented the MMA development strategy in Ukraine

On September 5, the Klitschko Expo hosted the official press conference of the WWFC World Mixed Martial Arts League. During the event, a new promotion development strategy was presented and the WWFC 15 Tournament Fight Card was announced.

The WWFC League management announced their plans on the development of the organization for the near future:
• On September 19, the WWFC GYM sports club will be officially opened, in which the WWFC 15 tournament fighters will hold an open training session.
• On November 2, a large WWFC 16 numbers tournament will be held in Kharkiv for the first time ever.
• On December 14, the WWFC League will hold an intercontinental MMA tournament in Kyiv, in which the best mixed martial arts fighters of Ukraine and China will take part.
• In December, the second annual awarding ceremony of the best MMA fighters of Ukraine will be held – the WWFC Awards 2020.

According to Vladimir Teslya, the WWFC League President, the promotion focuses on promoting the content in the digital market and selling the rights to show matches through the PPV system. That is why in August the WWFC League signed a Cooperation Agreement with a Fight Globe company, one of the largest distributors of content for MMA and kickboxing in the world. Thanks to this, the WWFC League content will be available in more than 100 countries.

Vladimir Teslya introduced a new main broadcaster of the WWFC League – the XSPORT sports channel and the official sponsor of the WWFC League – the international brand Monster Energy.

“We are constantly improving all the components of our work to provide the Ukrainian audience with the organization of the world-class sporting events. All these changes prove the fact that the WWFC League is moving in the right direction,” said Vladimir Teslya, the President of the WWFC League.

“Parimatch is pleased to be standing next to such a good quality MMA promotion as WWFC. For 2 years, our partnership has been one of the most interesting sports cases in the country. We are expecting from WWFC 15 a new round of development that will stir up the sports community in Ukraine. I am sure that all the fights will be breathtaking and interesting in their own way. As for me, I’ll cheer for Svetlana Gotsyk – our female fighter must take a well-deserved revenge,” said Vadim Misyura, the representative of TM Parimatch.

Furthermore, Denis Perch, the WWFC League Vice President, has announced a new format for regional tournaments – the so-called WWFC City Fights. Competitions of this format will be held in the regional centres of Ukraine in order to popularize mixed martial arts and to search for talented fighters. In 2020, the WWFC City Fights tournaments will be held in Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporizhya, and Lviv.

The Vice President of the WWFC League informed that the promotion was joined by several promising fighters who signed a contract: Elnur Veliyev (8-1) and Anton Radko (11-4). After that, Denis Perch presented the full WWFC 15 tournament fight card with 16 fights in it, including 4 for the world title.

The WWFC 15 international professional mixed martial arts tournament will take place on September 21 at the Kyiv Palace of Sports.
21 September 2019
Bakhtiyar Rustamov vs Dmytro Yatsko
Palace of Sports, Kyiv
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