UFC Ex-Champion John Jones and WWFC Champion Roman Dolidze to joint training in US
01 November 2018

UFC Ex-Champion John Jones and WWFC Champion Roman Dolidze to joint training in US

The WWFC champion has been officially invited by the ex-UFC champion to hold joint trainings at one of the best bases in the world.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion John Jones invited WWFC champion Roman Dolidze to participate in the joint gathering at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy training base.

Roman Dolidze gave his comment on the invitation for the WWFC YouTube channel.

“I decided to prepare for my first title defending fight in the USA. I was choosing between two training bases: “American Kickboxing Academy” and “Jackson Wink MMA Academy”. Initially, I was leaning towards AKA. It really suits me stylistically; champions are training there following prominent wrestling techniques. I even had initial agreements with them. However, I received a video invitation from John Jones on Instagram. He offered to train with him at Jackson Wink ... This is such an honor! For me, John Jones is one of the best MMA fighters in his weight class. This was a crucial point when I was making my decision,” said the WWFC champion.

At the moment, Roman Dolidze is getting ready for his defending of the World Champion title fight, that will be held December, 15th in Kyiv, during WWFC 13.  John Jones will fight against Alexander Gustafsson on December 29th at UFC 232.

“WWFC is contributing a great deal into my development process as an athlete.

making great efforts for my development as an athlete. The president and the vice-president of the league always support all my endeavors. They helped me a lot in organizing training camps in the United States, ” Roman Dolidze thanked the management of the promotion.
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