Alexander Barabash: "I want to get WWFC belt as a reward for my work"
01 September 2018

Alexander Barabash: "I want to get WWFC belt as a reward for my work"

In December 2016, the talented Ukrainian fighter Alexander Barabash was just one step away fr om becoming the WWFC world champion in flyweight. In the framework of the WWFC 5 tournament at the Kiev Sports Palace, he competed for the vacant belt with the British Andy Yang, but failed, having capitulated in the second round.

After almost two years, for which Barabash had four victorious fights, he had a chance to take the coveted height on the second attempt. In one of the main fights of the upcoming tournament WWFC 12, which will be held in the Ukrainian capital on September 29, Alexander will again challenge the title of world champion. And this time determined get the desired belt.

"In that fight with Yang, I felt a huge responsibility, because I could become the first fighter from Ukraine to take over the title of WWFC world champion," Barabash recalls. "Holding it in my mind, I quickly went forward and spent a lot of energy from the first minutes, but in the second round I missed a lot of blows on the back of the head against fatigue, which subsequently led to stopping the fight not in my favor."

The 24-year-old fighter from Chernigov notes that he tried to draw the maximum positive from this insulting defeat: "After the failure, I worked on the mistakes and began to eliminate the gaps in technique, but as a whole became even more confident."

Alexander began to play sports with his early childhood, and later came to the hands of coach Oleg Anatolyevich Pishchenko in the SC "Hand-to-hand fight." To date, Barabash has already more than 10-year path in single combats, the titles of the champion of Ukraine and the world in MMA, as well as the title of the master of sports of Ukraine in MMA and the master of sports of international class in pankration.

In professional MMA Alexander made his debut in January 2015 and to date has won eight times over one defeat – that Yang. Considering the past experience, it is not surprising that the upcoming fight at Barabash's mood is special: "Of course, I'm glad to be able to compete for the title. I train for the rest of my life, and the belt is what I want to receive as a reward for my work. "

Meanwhile, Alexander is far from destroying moods and already knows who will compete with him in the fight for the championship belt: "The opponent is good, dangerous on the cover  and in stand-up. A good test for me. "

According to Barabash, he always carefully studies those with whom he will meet in a fight,  and, accordingly, invariably prepares for a specific opponent, each time together with the coach working on a unique tactics and strategy. But at the same time he never charges for an early victory, so on September 29 promises to be ready for a full-time championship standoff of five rounds in five minutes.

The real "veteran" of the WWFC league, under whose banners he spent all nine fights in professional MMA, Alexander does not hide his absolute satisfaction with fruitful cooperation and believes that he was lucky to become a fighter of this  largest organization in Ukraine: "I always wanted to become a professional fighter, and his debut in the professional was in WWFC. I was invited to participate in the "Battle of the Cities", wh ere I won in the first fight, and I soon signed a contract with the international league of WWFC. Taking this opportunity, I want to say thank you to the president of the league Vladimir Nikolayevich Tesla for being able to perform in the best organization for today. "

Like many his colleagues, Barabash closely follows the events in the world of MMA, sympathizing with the former champion and the current record holder (according to the number of successful defending champion's title in a row) UFC to American Demetrius Johnson. By the way, with him Alexander would like to try his strength one day: "Of course, I try to keep the events of the world's MMA. Most of all like Demetrius Johnson, it would be interesting to try myself in a fight with him. I think that today he is the best fighter in the lightest weight category, even though he lost his last fight. "

Now all the forces of Barabash are thrown at the fact that at the end of September his collection of awards and regalia is replenished with the prestigious WWFC belt. His thoughts, hopes, dreams are connected with sport. Nevertheless, Alexander is not lost when he hears the question of what he would have devoted his life to, if fate did not lead him into single combat: "I would like to star in films. In principle, the films just in many ways influenced the fact that I started sports, because many famous actors are athletes. "

And still the main thing for Barabash is professional sport. But the motivation is not limited to personal aspirations - Alexander sees his mission more global  for his native country: "I play sports throughout my life and I want to be the best in my business. That's why I continue to work hard, raising the bar for myself. I also want the younger generation, looking at me, to receive their portion of motivation for sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Ukraine is a strong nation of healthy people! "
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